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The strip in sin city is one of the world’s premier nightlife destinations, but without bottle service or free Vegas club passes, you will spend more time waiting in line than in the club getting drinks or on the dance floor. Not only that, but cover charges are really expensive. When you look at the amount of money you are spending getting into these places after waiting for hours at a time, you almost feel like you should have spent that money in the slot machine, since you might have actually gotten something out of it in return. That’s where Las Vegas Guest List comes into play. If you are staying on the strip and are looking to party at a nightclub, then we suggest you consider joining XS Las Vegas guest list as it’s the #1 venue in the city. Our program will help you get on the VIP list of several great venues. There are no strings attached and no hidden fees. It’s just you and your crew having the best night of your life in one of the greatest cities on the planet.


Guest list Las Vegas Packages

Las Vegas Club Guest List Tips & Recommendations:

Bachelor Parties:

As seen in all Vegas bachelor party based movies the nightlife in our city is the premiere place to go all out with the guys. These popular venues offer free Vegas club passes that cater to your group with free limo pick up and drink specials clearly showing they value your time. Lets face it an all guys group will ALWAYS have problems getting into popular nightclubs, pool parties or day clubs without booking bottle service.


Bachelorette Parties:

Free Vegas club passes is and will always be a favorite for the ladies planning a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party. We guarantee access to the best nightclubs, dayclubs and pool parties. Sometimes the choices are so vast its impossible to make the right decision and that’s where our VIP specialists come in to help.


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Las Vegas Guest List FAQ


How does it work?

Clubs need patrons to keep the party going all night, so they will use free Vegas club passes to ensure that they have enough people showing up. We will make sure that you are on the list when you sign up for our exclusive program.

Ladies Night?

If you are a woman or a group of women, you are in a great position to get into one of these exclusive free clubs in vegas. Businesses need to make sure there are plenty of ladies in the club, or the party ends up being a bust. So if you and your girlfriends are looking for the most exciting night of your life, this program is perfect for you.


Guy’s Only?

On the other side of that is guy only groups. Unfortunately, these Vegas club passes are not made for groups of only men. Clubs have plenty of guys wanting to get in, so unfortunately this program is not suited for you and your boys.


Mixed Groups

If you have a group of both men and women, then you will qualify for a limited amount of these free Vegas club passes. Clubs want to have an even ration of men and women when throwing great parties, so being able to bring women with you and your group can help you out immensely.


The Holidays and Special Events

If you tried to get onto the Las Vegas guest list on your own during the holidays or during a special event, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Lucky for you, we can cut through that red tape and get you through that velvet rope. Signing up for our program will get you on the marquee Las Vegas guest list and other venues for the biggest events of the year.

So why wait? Sign up now and get ready to have the best experience possible in our city. The Las Vegas Guest Lists is filling up daily so don’t get left behind!


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