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When Victor Drai figured he’d done all he could do with the famous XS Nightclub, he sold the place off and started a club of his own club called “Drai’s Las Vegas”. If you ever attended the XS while Drai ran the place, then you know that the guy knows how to entertain. Drais nightclub Las Vegas is built around the mogul’s vision from the ground up. What does this mean? Here’s an appetizer to get your mouth watering.


The Hottest Talent

Drais nightclub Las Vegas isn’t the place you go to to see that singer who had that one hit back when you were a kid. Drai’s hosts talent like Iggy Azalea & Chromeo. Most recently Drais Las Vegas has corner the market on some of the BIGGEST names in Hip Hop and R&B by signing exclusive residencies with names like Chris Brown and The Weekend. If you ever needed to know the best place to pop bottles look no further than Drais bottle service as they are hands down the most popular venue in Las Vegas.


Pool Parties

It’s Drais Beach Club during the day and Drais nightclub guest list at night. Hey if you plan your day correctly you might not need to leave the pool and just party from day until night without batting an eye! Drias Las Vegas bottle service packages show extreme favor towards groups that have multiple bookings at there venues.


Rooftop Beach Club

Drais nightclub Las Vegas is the only one of its kind in the city. The Drais rooftop Las Vegas experience is just the thing to make your trip a stunner. The rooftop area at Drais is so big its like being at a new club and you only walked outside. Take a look over the entire strip with friends from the rooftop while enjoying Drais guest list.


Event Hosting

If you want the Drais nightclub Las Vegas to yourself for the night, that can be arranged. The club hosts some of the most amazing corporate events in the city. We can shop rates before and during the clubs operations or simply handle your Drais bottle service booking in a section of the club for your company.


Room to Move

With two VIP balconies, nine upper dance floor tables, more than forty booths, and two VIP bathrooms. You’ll find Drais nightclub Las Vegas located in the newly established Cromwell, a Caesar’s hotel offering VIP style amenities, breathtaking views and great deals on rooms. Here’s a nice bonus: the Cromwell is right next door to the famous LINQ, with its iconic High Roller observation wheel, and countless opportunities for great dining and shopping. The club’s owner, Victor Drai, first made his name as a film producer and knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for Drais Las Vegas bottle service. Drai left Hollywood to open up a series of top restaurants and nightclubs. Above all, it’s clear that Drai has always been a tremendous entertainer. Whether he is making cult comedies like “Weekend at Bernies” or building the foundations to Drais Las Vegas, he knows how to show you a good time.


Drais Bottle Service Packages

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Drais Nightclub Bottle Service Events

Drais nightclub Las Vegas is currently open to the public weekly on Tuesday & Thursday-Sunday from 10:30pm-4am. Often booking commercial acts Friday-Sunday nights like Chris Brown & The WEEKEND this club is always packed. Drais Las Vegas is now known as the #1 destination for Top 40/Hip Hop in Las Vegas. Drais bottle service is a great option for any weekend or Holiday plans. Our staff always ensures you have the best locations and pricing possible.


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Drais Vegas Bottle Service Photos

I was recently let down by a Las Vegas promoter who promised us a table at Drais Las Vegas. When we arrived to take the table it wasn’t listed on the sheets and the door host offered a table but for a lot more than we budgeted for. I stepped aside and Google searched “Bottle Service Las Vegas” and called them to ask if they could hook us up for Drais bottle service. Within minutes they confirmed a table, booked it and saved our night from a complete loss!

Andrew P.

I come to Las Vegas at least 3x a year so I know my way around the city and was in charge of planning a bachelor party for my boy at Drais nightclub. I contacted Rene from one of the hosts at BSV and he set me up with a combo package for Drais Las Vegas bottle service. We went to Drais beach club Saturday night and got 14 bottles for $3000 and then came back Sunday for “Fabolous” and hand a main room table with 6 bottles. Amazing time and Amazing service.

Alecia Smith

BIG fans of Chris Brown and I wanted to celebrate my birthday at Drais nightclub Las Vegas. We were quickly told that Drais wont have a guest list for this event so it was a mad dash to figure out a way to get in and party! After searching for options we decided to call down to our hotel concierge and they suggested calling rene at BSV for Drais bottle service. Everything worked out perfectly except we didn’t get to meet Chris Brown…next time Chris next time!

Evan Spencer

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